Medieval breeches in white linen

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Medieval breeches in white linen
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Medieval braies in white linen. Tube-shaped model with waistband and wedges. Large openings in the waistband so you can use a belt at the waist (max 2cm). The breeches should be large in size. The belt in the picture is not included. The breeches are laced with a simple linen rope, but they sit much nicer with a real belt. We've also made openings in the back for the belt if you want to tie the hose differently or attach purses or other accessories.


Hosen and breeches were by far the most common legwear during the Middle Ages. The hose are preferably made in wool while the breeches are made of linen.

The hose are like long socks that are held up with straps which you attach to the belt. They occurred both with and without feet. Ours is made without feet.

The breeches is like a pair of spacious underpants. During the beginning of the Middle Ages it was used as trousers but in the latter part it was almost only used as undergarments for men.


Storlek M L
Midjemått 110cm 120cm
Ytterbenmått 36cm 40cm


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