Halfcircle cape in grey wool

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Halfcircle cape in grey wool

Halfcircle cape in dark blue wool. Fits perfectly together with an viking hood or a liripipe hood.

Heavy felted wool that is very cosy and warm.


Size/ length

The circular cloak is about 107 cm in length.


The medieval half circular cloak is a knee length cloak opened on one side without a hood. The cloak is stitched together at the neck so no clasp is needed. The half circular cloak was used as an everyday item among all soicial classes and was used from the Viking Age to the Middle Ages. This cloak is also our most historical accurate cloak model.

The half circular cloak was often worn together with a hood for extra protection and warmth. We always use wool in our cloaks since it has good waterrepellent qualities and is the only material that keep its ability to warm even when wet.

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