Kirtle, burgundy linen, size XXL

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Kirtle in burgundy linen
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Kirtle in burgundy linen.


The kirtle is a very old garment. The model came in many different variations, but its origin is from the over coat that was used since the beginning of time. The garment was very common during both the Middle Ages and the Viking Age. During the middle of the Middle Ages, in the 13th century, it was not uncommon for the robe to be divided into two different colors, so-called half-shift or mid-shift. However, it did not occur that one had one color on the coat and another color on the wedges.

Our kirtle has gores on the sides, gores under the sleeves and a slit in the neck. The lenght is adjusted to go approximately down to the knees.

Size chart

Storlek S M L XL XXL
Bystvidd 98cm 105cm 114cm 121cm 133cm
Armlängd 58cm 58cm 60cm 61cm 65cm
Plagglängd 97cm 101cm 112cm 117cm 123cm


Kirtles and robes
Time period
Medieval, Late medieval, Viking


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