Chemise, white twill linen, size XXL

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Chemise in white twill linen
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Chemise in white twill linen. Last picture is of how the fabric will look when washed and not ironed.


The chemise was the most common pice of clothing through out history. The chemise was worn closest to the body like an undergarment and was meant to protect the other garments from sweat and durt from the skinn. There are a couple of modells but our luxury chemise one has four gores for extra width, snugg fitted sleeves, gores under the sleeves for extra freedom of moment and a key hole neck.

The chemise as made out of uncoloured or bleached, ie white linen as it was unusual to have colored garments closest to the body. Over the chemise a mid-dress and an upper dress was normally worn. During the Middle Ages the chemise was not meant to be seen. Today we may not stick to the rule as strictly and during a historical event you can see one or two walking around in just their "underwear", oh sorry I meant chemise the hole day. 

Size chart

Storlek XS S M L XL XXL
width under bust 86cm 94cm 98cm 106cm 112cm 122cm
arm length 57cm 58cm 59cm 61cm 59cm 62cm
garment lenght 130cm 139cm 140cm 143cm 140cm 146cm

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Time period
Medieval, Late medieval, Viking


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